How to Use Forex Top Down Analysis…For Big Pip Setups

NOTE: Our Advanced Candle Action Trading (ACAT) Webinar is coming on August 27th! Stay tuned for more info on the complete training. It’s a paid webinar, but…FREE to all Coach’s Corner members.

FREE VIDEO: Learn how to draw Forex S/R levels PROPERLY on your charts! Click the following link to receive a FREE video done by Darko. (You already have access to this if you are a CC member). this week’s video we’ll take a look at another ACAT that had a very nice move. This trade was set up by doing a proper top down analysis and finding an alignment with the higher time frame charts. (This is exactly what will be taught in the ACAT webinar on August 27th).

Check out this beauty:

Can you learn to do this? Well, the forex trade shown in this video was picked up by some of our members, all on their own. The forex training that we teach is definitely learnable for those willing to put in the time! It’s not rocket science…but it does take a commitment to learn…like anything else you want to get good at.



“You know Darko, for “years” I never ever looked at the Monthly or Weekly - I didn’t even know what to look for and why, until I heard you explain them to us. So thank you.”


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