Blind Trading With VIDEO GAME Power-ups

Powerups are at the bottom of the description! This one was wild!

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MokaT7 - Legend Of Zelda powerup: Triforce - 3 items

Roll a number, that number becomes the top row. On that screen you can then choose to take either the top left,right,bottom left,right corner of the screen

Rhino 101- Final Fantasy 7 - 8 items - before

Cloud Limit Break Cross Slash

Get EVERY item around what you land on

Gamer Tobi

Minecraft power up name: Super Sword - 5 items - before

Purpose: choose a column between 2 - 5 and roll your row number. That row is the bottom row. From your column number, get the item you are on, go up one, get the items to the left and right of you and then go up 2 more times from the column number.

I hope this is a good power up

Advent1274 days ago = 3 items - 2-6

Anytime Powerup: Mario Ground Pound.

From the item you land on, go down 3 spaces and you get that item and the 2 next to it (the shockwave from hitting the ground).

Defensive - ELITEcanine_8

A defensive power up can be rocket league. EPIC SAVE- To defend the item the other person landed on, kick them to a corner of the screen causing them to.get a different item. roll 1-4 and that decides what corner of the screen they go to. 1 is top left, 2 is top right, 3 is bottom left.

When using this powerup the place they are on becomes top of screen.

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