Welcome To The Carnival BLIND TRADING!

Time to get wacky with this blind trading!

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Powerups -


Choose a Column, roll a number you then get the item you land on then make a circle around that item then roll a 1-8 for the second item.

Kirb Cobain - The Hammer Of Strength

2 rolls for 2 seperate rows...You then do 1-10, if you get 6 or higher you get best item, 5 or lower worst item. Do this twice. BEFORE

sourdeezo09 The RollerCoaster - BEFORE

You roll for a row and that becomes the top of the screen. You get that item in the first column of row one and then like a rollercoaster can choose up down or straight of the next space! 7 items


Bottle toss. You role a number and that number is the top of your screen, then you pick a row and a column and snipe the item you want on the screen. 3 snipes total.

first item you can see

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