One Of The WORST Days In Stock Market History – My Watchlist – Trade War TURNED CURRENCY WAR

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The stock market had one of the worst days in history as the Dow Jones fell as much as 950 points down. Why did the stock market go down? As we discussed, because China devalued their currency, and even after hours were labeled a currency manipulator by the Treasury Department. Will the stock market crash? Not neccesarily, however depending on how China responds and the US retatliates in the trade war, this can cause market volatility and as bond yields and futures plummet, this can cause a market correction until we see rate cuts or positive trade news. Either way it is going to be an exciting weed and I hope you are ready! I go over what I added to my portfolio today and what I think are the best stocks during this volatility! POST YOUR WATCHLIST BELOW AND SEE YOU IN THE MORNING!

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