Million Dollar Traders - Part 1 | British reality TV Series created by Lex van Dam

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'Million Dollar Traders' was a British reality television series created by a hedge fund manager Lex van Dam series was based on the premise that in a very short time period Lex could teach a group of complete beginners how to trade. "I put my money where my mouth was and gave them $1 million to trade with over a period of eight weeks", says Lex.

The result was amazing: the group as a whole did better than the professionals over that period. Unfortunately, not everybody had the ability or mental toughness to trade, but what became clear was that you just cannot tell beforehand: the best traders of the group were a soldier, a student, and a 40-year-old mother with two children.

Many people have asked us what exactly happened in the 'Million Dollar Traders' training program and what the novices were taught.

The Million Dollar Traders Course is available on our website and includes unique material that was never shown on the TV series and has now been developed into a comprehensive educational program teaching Lex's 5-Step-Trading(R) process applied to stocks, currencies, commodities, technical trading strategies and economic analysis.

As you progress through the course you will gain a better understanding of how professional investors like Lex approach the markets and begin to develop your own style of trading using his framework. Crucially you will be equipped to recognize and adapt when market conditions change, and take advantage of trading opportunities that other strategies cannot possibly prepare you for. By the end of the course you will be fully prepared to invest on a personal basis or pursue a career as a professional trader.

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