⭐️How much do you need to start forex trading?

To make a long story short, how much you need to start forex trading depends on your performance. Watch the video and understand what it takes to survive in a long run.

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Instagram: beginners, one of the biggest obstacles is that they are flooded with too much information. They are just chasing a "unicorn" without thinking deeply, or not learning what they really have to learn.

There are only two things you need to master to become a winning trader; 1. to be able to identify the psychology of the players in a market, 2. the skill to make entries right at where the risk is kept to a minimum and reward is at absolute maximum. If you have the skill to be able to identify it, you do not need any complex methods or indicators.

The intent of this channel is to explain life-lasting methods in a very simple manner.

** Regards to a risk of investing **

The videos and blogs are provided based on my personal view from the past experience and never guarantee your future profits. And I will not manage one’s fund. Make sure to follow your own decision when investing your own fund while considering its risks.