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Fortnite Game Hub | Save The World Global Chat | Trading & Crafting Live Stream | Viewer Trade & Craft Trade Hub - Battle Royale New skins and Items.

Fortnite Season 8 -Viewer Trading and Crafting Live Stream

This Fortnite Hub Live Stream is all about community and bringing together fans and players of Fortnite by epic games for crafting and trading with each other.

For the duration the stream is left open for The Save The World community to trade their in-game items.

Save the world viewer trading live stream, please note the gameplay may well be old, the focus on this stream is NOT gameplay, it is YOU the viewer and a hub to trade your save the world items. remember it is open 24 hours a day so live gameplay is not possible at all times.

I will live stream all my fortnite gaming here on stream and when i am not live you will see the most recent replay on screen as you continue to use the stream for fortnite trading.


At 23:45pm (GMT) each night the stream will switch to the Battle Royale Item Shop to display all the new Daily Items and Featured Items.

We will show the Daily Item Shop for roughly 1 hour each day when it updates with new items.

Scamming and scammers are not welcome here and will be banned and blacklisted if proven to be a scammer, and scammer gets scammed is also not welcome here.

Sponsors / members of the channel earn double stream bucks as a thank you for the support in keeping this community alive and kicking around the clock, by the fans, for the fans.

Now running for over 6 months and now into the new year of 2019.

Join here: to The Game Hub and it's Fortnite live stream.

Here at the fortnite viewer trade hub you can find players to trade your legendary schematics with and find other players to build your Battle Royale squads, or to find help with your save the world campaign, PVE fortnite events and even your storm shields and view the latest daily featured items in the BR item shop.

Join us for some fortnite funny moments, mini game shows and many in-game including tons of 130 sunbeam grave digger giveaways.

When it comes to trading items in-game we do recommend you take caution and chose your trades wisely.

Please report any unsporting behaviour to us and we will take action and remove those who abuse this service from the live stream.

Music on stream is provided by epidemicsounds


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