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Telegram Channel for follow up without watching video: Copy-Trading service:

1. Install MT2Trading from (Visit TRY FREE page)

2. Login with your IQ Option ID.

3. Switch to PRACTICE Account.

4. Press the "Y" funnel button on far right and press SHOW ALL.

5. In the "Signal Providers" list, search for 1_NOSCAM TRADER and select.

6. Press the "+" button on far right and press OK.


This service has 20 martingales, we will NOT accept any liability or credit if you become rich or broke. We do not recommend real account.

The service is 100% free. Consider a donation at SKRILL: [email protected]

Definitions while trading:

CALL: Choose green up button.

PUT: Choose red down button.

Timeframe: Binary options expiry time.

1M: 1 minute

GAIN: Net profit (Successful amount minus lost amount)

S/R: Success Ratio/Strike Rate are percentage portion of successful trades among total trades.

MAX: Gross profits.

BUBBLE: Highest amount ever invested in a trade. This determines the capital you must keep in order to accommodate for the martingale amounts.

RECOVERY: If a cumulative successful trade amounts goes above MAX that is a PROFIT otherwise its a RECOVERY.

NEXT @$20: Means system will invest $20 in next trade.

Trading Styles:

a. Burst: Complete profit made during a session is invested in each trade.

b. Drip: System invests same amount during each trade

c. Incremental: System increases the invested amount after each profitable trade.

Instructions to perform copy-trading:

1. Launch your favourite FX Binary Options trading App and select the asset as shown in the feed. You may need to switch the asset from time to time.

2. Monitor the video feed and/or live chat for 1m Signals.

3. Keep an eye on investment amount. The amount is a rough indicator on how much to invest.

Suppose the feed signals PUT trade @$1 it means you may choose $1, $10 or $100 PUT trade with 1 MINUTE expiration. If the trade loses then as per martingale rule the next trade will be the multiplied amount of last trade that is $2, $20 or $200. Therefore each loss trade will make a double of $1, $2 $4 $8 $16 $32 then $64 that makes 6 chances of failed trades.

I suggest you to use a Practice Account and make sure there is a 100:1 ratio between your deposit and trades. If you have 10,000 deposit then you can trade 100 otherwise if you have 100 you must trade 1.

Since 6 chances for martingale require a total balance of 127:1 so I also suggest to keep additional balance to accommodate the loss of chances. For example if we invest $1 and it fails then continuous losses will add up like this: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64=127.


Q1: You are losing so much?

A: I'm losing alot, no problem you click opposite. For example UP=DOWN and DOWN=UP.

Q2: I want to buy your robot/bot/tool.

A: Its my hard work and this whole integration cannot be sold, neither it is on sale. Use the MT2TRADING app for Windows and subscribe to 1_NOSCAM TRADER channel to directly copy signals.

Q3: Are you crazy?

A: Inversion beats all kinds of TA/PA/FA and market emotion kills strategies. So let it work like that. In the long run it is making money.

Q4: This real account or demo?

A: This is demo account, when market is favorable I may switch to real BUT YOU ARE STRICTLY ADVISED TO USE DEMO / PRACTICE ACCOUNT WHILE COPYING THE SIGNALS.

Q5: Video is delayed by 5-10 second / 1 candle. Why?

A: Internet is laggy so Youtube keeps 5sec buffering. Use telegram channel for instant signals.

DISCLAIMER 01: The video feed is based on actual trades being performed on a practice account that is electronically controlled by an algorithmic app. I have embedded different strategies for trading so almost all of the failing trades go upto 3rd or 4th chance then there is a Profit which recovers all the lost deposit plus the initial trade amount.


Trading in financial instruments carries a high level of risk to your capital with the possibility of losing more than your initial investment. Trading in financial instruments may not be suitable for all investors, and is only intended for people over 18. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the risks involved and, if necessary, seek independent financial advice. The past or recent trading performance is not necessarily indicative of future profits/losses. We do not and cannot guarantee that use of our Services will generate you profits. We do not and cannot take responsibility for any losses to your accounts. You must trade and take sole responsibility to evaluate all information provided by this Youtube, Telegram and MT2Trading Channel and use it at your own risk. All trading information we provide is intended as trade assistance only.

You agree to above terms of disclaimer 01 and Important disclaimer 02 if you continue to react upon the live signals.

Feel free to comment. Enjoy.

- NOSCAM: "Thriller Price Action Trading"