BEST Laptop for Traders (Hindi)

BEST Laptop for Traders is one of the most frequently asked queries by the investors and traders. I always believe in value buying and based on your needs. You should always buy RIGHT configuration laptop instead of higher or lower configuration based on your requirements.

There are 2 types of traders in the Stock Market

(a) Regular Trader who need a laptop just for online trading. Almost 90% of the retail traders fall in this category. They don't do their analysis and depend on external sources for the technical analysis. The mid-level laptop is suitable for these type of traders. It cost around 30k.

(b) Advance Traders: The traders who do their analysis or work on automated trading systems should go for gaming or business laptops. Almost 5% or 10% of retail traders fall under this category. The laptops in this category can cost around 80k to 1.5 Lac.

The golden rule is to buy high configuration from the stock market profit only. At the same time, you need a bigger screen size monitor if you are working on an automated trading system or setup.

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