Tuesday Forex update AUDJPY no trade yet

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There's plenty of stuff here in the description section all worth a look at don't rush your trading journey.
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Here is the link to Connor's Forex channel: which features how to establish support and resistance zones and how to trade engulfing candle sticks: and GBPJPY are both possible sell trades this week more updates to come this week. One closed out trade for February down 2.01% always going to be open with all my trades. USDCAD buy trade in at 1.2777 at 2% risk, I've been watching this pair for a little while and the strong bullish price action triggered this trade. USDJPY is an open sell trade with an entry at 106.28, stop loss at 108.74 2%, this was made after the USDCAD buy trade was stopped out. EURAUD is now an open buy trade at 1.57712 with the stop set at 1.5574 2% risked. AUDJPY is a possible sell trade and will be something to watch heading into next week, this is the main watch for tonight as a big possibility for a sell trade.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy trading :).
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