How I Used Signals To Get Into A Profitable Forex Trade

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I was able to make this profitable forex trade for EUR CAD by following the trainings on the educational platform for forex a friend introduced me to.

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2:13 - my story

4:20 - shared page: - introduction to EURCAD currency pair

5:19 - signals from last night

6:35 - major price reversal

7:04 - what is a support line?

7:20 - what is a resistance line?

7:36 - uptrend (what is a buy trend)

7:54 - downtrend (what is a sell trend)

8:17 - introduction to

9:24 - how did I know to sell

12:40 - how to calculate pips

12:50 - what is a stop loss

14:12 - how you make money in forex

15:08 - what is a standard lot

17:30 - uptrend buy prediction

18:20 - what is a wick on a Japanese candlestick

18:56 - what is a major reversal area

22:07 - buy signal

24:58 - introduction to USDCAD

26:03 - will be creating more forex trading strategies on my Facebook page, but feel free to subscribe to my channel!