MAM vs. PAMM Account in Forex Trading (Similarities & Differences)

MAM vs. PAMM Account in Forex Trading (Similarities & Differences)

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In this video, Jon Morgan from Forex Lens explains what is a MAM Account and what is a PAMM account in Forex Trading, and some of the similarities and differences between them.

MAM is short for Multi Account Manager and PAMM is short for Percent Allocation Money Module. Both these trading accounts are innovative and revolutionary solutions for money managers to trade their clients' funds through a "master account", without actually handling their money directly. And the investor is free to deposit and withdraw funds at will.

The profits made on the master account are then shared among the clients trading accounts (done by the broker) and the account manager receives a performance fee during each investment period.

At Forex Lens, we specialize in Forex Managed Accounts. We also offer daily live sessions with Jon Morgan so our clients can follow his trade analysis, and see why he is placing those trades in the MAM account.

Below is all the information you need in order to decide if our managed account service is for you, including a verified record of our past performance.

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To Register for the Forex Lens Managed Accounts: verified myfxbook performance for the MAM

FX Choice - MAM Manual Clients Perspective (How the MAM Account Choice - MAM Morgan's article about the MAM Morgan's email to client explaining his trading strategy in the Fees are based on deposits:

Deposits between $500 - $2500 will be 50% every 6 weeks.

Deposits between $2500 - $5000 will be 35% every 4 weeks.

Deposits above $5000 will be 30% every 4 weeks.

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