Forex Trading Live Price Action Technical Analysis on EURUSD [Live trading 24/5 + AI Alerts]

This is a trade setup that is designed for trading Foreign Exchange markets. The live stream is intended to educate new traders and give market insights backed by artificial intelligence. The stream supports upto 1080p. Change your video settings on youtube for better view.

If you are very new to Forex trading then please first educate yourself. You can start learning from these sites which are free resources: order to be able to trade you need to find a reliable and trustworthy broker that offer both demo and real account. There is a crucial fact that 95% traders lose money. Among the 95% losing traders a major portion of the traders lose money due to choosing wrong brokers or dishonest brokers. Below some of the recommended brokers that are you start trading make sure to follow these rules:

--Be disciplined. Always stay mindfulness.

--Find out exactly which time you are free and how much time you can spend on each session.

--Build your strategy based on your trading time frame.

--Trade as less as possible. If you are beginner then 1-2 trades per day.

--Keep track of your progress. Maintain a trading journal.

--Learn from your mistakes and never repeat the same mistake.

--Manage your risks well. Never risk more than 2% of your equity and leverage not more than 1:200

--Only use money that you can effort.

--Take trading as a challenge as if you are here to beat the market not necessarily for earning


Trade mostly on demo account during the first year. You should look at the market and see how market reacts to different economic events, understanding the market psychology as well as learn each market specific behaviors. In the end you should be able to find your own strategy and apply the strategy again and again.

The setup is equipped with most precise and leading indicators in order to carry out a proper price action strategy.The indicators are Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Extension, Support and Resistance, Pin bar, Moving averages, RSI Divergence, Stochastic Divergence, MACD, Parabolic SAR, ADX, Bollinger Band, Regression channels, Heikin-Ashi Chart, Renko Chart, and Market Sessions. If you want to know what indicators has been placed in each chart then type these commands in to the chat box: !w1indicators, !d1indicators, !h4indicators, !h1indicators, !m15indicators, !m5indicators, !m1indicators .

How to follow alerts: You will hear a voice that will give different kinds of alerts from different time frames. Most of the alerts are pretty self explanatory. List of alerts you will hear are as follows:

Scalping buy position

Scalping Sell position

Two minute call option

Two minute Put Option

Five minute Buy Option

Five minute Sell Option

Fifteen minute Buy Option

Fifteen minute Sell option

One minute Stochastic overbought

One minute Stochastic oversold

Five minute Stochastic overbought

Five minute Stochastic oversold

Fifteen minute RSI overbought

Fifteen minute RSI oversold

Stochastic Classical Bullish Divergence

Stochastic Classical Bearish Divergence

Stochastic Hidden Bullish Divergence

Stochastic Hidden Bearish Divergence

RSI Bullish Divergence

RSI Bearish Divergence

Its news time

New channel formed

Channel Breakout

Renko is rocking up

Renko is rocking down

EMA 10 reached

EMA 20 reached

SMA 50 reached

Bullish Pin bar

Bearish Pin bar

ADX Buy signal

ADX sell signal

Upper Bollinger Band crossed

Lower Bollinger band crossed

Five minute support reached

Five minute resistance reached

Fifteen minute support reached

Fifteen minute resistance reached

Thirty minute support reached

Thirty minute resistance reached

One hour minute support reached

One hour minute resistance reached

Four hour minute support reached

Four hour minute resistance reached

Daily support reached

Daily resistance reached

Weekly support reached

Weekly resistance reached

Monyhly support reached

Monthly resistance reached

Fibonacci 0% reached

Fibonacci 13% reached

Fibonacci 23% reached

Fibonacci 38% reached

Fibonacci 50% reached

Fibonacci 61% reached

Fibonacci 78% reached

Fibonacci 88% reached

Fibonacci 100% reached

Start your analysis starting from the Weekly Chart. On the weekly chart check the weekly and monthly support and resistance to get a broader price range. You can easily identify the current trend on each chart just by noticing the Fibonacci level colors. If Fibonacci level colors are Green then the trend is up for that specific chart. If the level colors are Red then the trend is down.

On the daily chart there is a Heikin-Ashi chart. A Renko chart can be found on the four minutes chart with a market session indicators. Each Renko Box represents 7.5 Pips. Three market sessions have been plotted with three different colors. There is an economic calender beside renko chart, Link to news source Disclaimer: Your capital is at risk.