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---=== BEST BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS Trader Sign Up (Binary Options) - Trader SignUp (FOREX Trading) - Trader Review - epix trader app is mainly an autotrading signal provider, which makes the entire trading process that much easier for beginners. However, day traders can still use this amazing software for manual trades as well just by following the epix signals provided within their platform.

Today i decided to do a live trading session exploring the possibilities of how traders can manually trade using the Epix trading software but applying a simple strategy using charts and a couple easy indicators. Using a MetraTrader4 (MT4) chart, we added "Stochastics" as our indicator, valued as "5,3,3".

Epix Trader already analyzes the markets for us and provides us with a "CALL" / "PUT" alert. From my live demonstration, i targeted 30 minute trades, but noticed the results were very close in regards to pip range. Although both trades were wins, I believe its best to use 15MINUTE Trades instead.

If you decide to manually trade with Epix Trader app, be sure to practice first. Use a demo broker or paper trade whenever testing out new methods before risking your own money.

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