[BBT Members Day Trading Recap] Robert Trade of $MU | Jul 2 2018

Robert is one of the members of Bear Bull Traders that has completed the program and he shows us one of his trades in his live account...

How to day trade for a living?

Many people would like to learn day trading, but often don’t know where to start, or they start by making some very dangerous mistakes. There is more than one way to learn trading, and there is definitely more than one correct way. The following is my suggested approach for starting a career in day trading. You may of course find different correct ways to learn trading from others:

1. Day Trading Education

2. Trade in a Real Time Simulator

3. Join a Community of day Traders

4. Trade with Real Money

HOW TO START TRADING? - Check out these Day Trading resources:

Education and Book: How to Day Trade for a Living BOOK Classes Outlines: Trading Platform: DAS Pro Stock Scanner: Trade Idea SpeedTrader Interactive Brokers Room: