ThinkOrSwim Active Trader Tutorial - DOM, Level 2, Order Book & Price Ladder trading

Active Trader is a feature in TOS that provides super quick ordering functionality, drag and drop order adjustments, preset trade templates, OCO / bracket orders, 1st triggers multiple OCO brackets, point and click order entry, and complete trade management automation.

I love Think Or Swim ActiveTrader because it lets you setup custom order templates, with your initial entry triggering up to 3 OCO bracket groups, so you can have multiple stops and targets set automatically at specific intervals or risk / reward ratios. To see an example, see the last half of the video.

One of the other nice features of TOS Active Trader is the ability to click and drag any order or order group to a different price quickly and easily. Not only can single orders be moved this way, but whole groups up up to 7 orders can be quickly adjusted with 1 click.

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