The only Forex market you should trade

The only Forex market you should trade

Trading Forex vs Futures? Which is the best market to trade. Forex is the largest overall market in the world but is dominated by massive institutions like banks, hedge funds, and worst of all, government.

One of the bad things about trading Forex is the manipulation which also involves the brokers themselves. The Bank of England is also involved in a massive manipulation scheme as reported by CNBC, Forbes, and Fortune, and many others. There are other types of manipulation than those by only big institutions.

Trading Forex vs Futures is a no brainer. Futures is traded by more retail traders like you and me than any other market in the world. The E-mini S&P 500 is the single highest traded market by retail traders in the world.

If you are considered getting started trading Forex or Futures I would highly recommend to start with Futures.

​Many of our students started with Forex and realized that Futures is much easier​. By learning our strategy called Congressive you can use that knowledge later on in Forex - once you have more experience. There are people making money with Forex- that's true - but you can literally see the manipulation in the market by the big institutions. It is visible. This does not happen in the Futures Market.

I recommend small traders like us to start with futures or stocks. Although there are some success stories with Forex - that does not concern a majority of the people. If you only google “fraude Forex” you’ll find various articles about it which shows that it is publicly known that it is manipulated and frauded. It is not only my personal opinion.

Simpler market that is manipulated much less compared to Forex. There is a level playing field when it comes to Futures. That is the reason why trading Forex vs Futures is a no brainer.

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The only Forex market you should trade