Forex Tester 3 Review

Thanks for watching! The link above directs you to Forex Tester 3 where you can purchase the software. Get your FREE trial! the link below to read my blog for more info Forex Tester 3 review video covers the basic set up of Forex Tester 3 and highlights some of the cool features that the software offers.

The software is recently upgraded from Forex Tester 2.

We will cover the following;

- Setting up a new project

- Downloading data on the 12 currency pairs plus GOLD and SILVER.

- How to place your test trades

- What statistics are available on your test

- How much data is available for you to test

Forex Tester 3 not only saves you money on testing systems that do not work in the long run, but it also saves you time and effort having to test these systems in a demo account in real time.

Forex Tester 3 can also be used to back-test stocks, shares, index, etc. if you have the raw data to feed in to it.

Fifteen years’ worth of data can be tested in a very short period of time and you can also put your EA’s to the test as well to see how they would hold up against the markets over the last fifteen years.

The pricing on this software is absolute value for money. For the amount of time and effort it saves a trader, and the distance of learning curve that it saves is incredible.