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Latest Forex Tester 3 offer:

For Tradimo users Forex Tester 3 lifetime license only $249 (save buy Forex Tester 3? Why use a trading simulator to backtest a strategy? What are the new features of Forex Tester 3. In this Forex Tester 3 review video, we will answer these questions.

Timeline of the Forex Tester 3 video:

00:00 Why use a backtesting software like Forex Tester 3?

02:58 Opening Forex Tester 3, first impressions

03:54 What is Forex Tester 3?

05:45 Improvement 1: uniting history and testing modes in the data center

06:24 Improvement 2: better trade on chart functionality in Forex Tester 3

07:42 Improvement 3: candlesticks on the profit chart

08:53 Improvement 4: no more auto scroll when changing time frame

09:59 Other improvements: custom hot keys, multiple monitor support, Renko charts

11:00 Summary

If you are a Forex Tester 3 user, leave your comments below, tell us if you like Forex Tester 3, the new trading simulator.

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