Forex Tester 2 - Simulate Trading, Fast Optimization of EAs and Strategies and Rapid Back Testing

Product overview and Free Tester V2

Allows you to develop, back test, optimize EAs very fast including running simulation trading and place "trades" in history just like its being a real time live market!

Trade on historical data like on the live data

Forex Tester softwares interface is very similar to MetaTrader 4s. If you managed to work on MT4 then you would succeed on Forex Tester as well.

And vice versa, everything you learn with Forex Tester will be useful for you in the real trading on MetaTrader4.

Trustful testing results

The users of backtesting software, which is based on live trading terminals, often complain that the strategy that worked while testing does not work in the live trading. We do not want to offend anyone but it is a common knowledge that brokers do not want you to win. Therefore they are interested in you losing your money and it is very simple for them to trick you. Forex Tester has nothing to deal with your real balance. That is the reason why our information is objective, the program just shows you if your strategy works or not.

15 Years of Every-Tick Data Included

The fastest backtesting program ever

Forex Tester gives you an opportunity to test faster than any other software does. Save your time and get the outstanding results using our product. The software is particularly optimized for testing. Other terminals give good conditions for trading but not for testing.

Test any instruments (Forex, metals, stocks, CFD)

Have a choice in what kind of market to select. Forex Tester gives you the opportunity to trade any instrument you have data for. As an example, you can import stock or CFD data and try your strategy on these instruments.