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Epix Trader Sign Up (Binary Options) - Trader Review - last time we hosted a Live session with Epix Trader for manual trading was almost a couple weeks ago. Therefore i decided to post another review following the same strategies involving stochastics along with a few other indicators to test and see how well the epix signals perform & their accuracy.

The main indicator you want to focus on is the stochastics, using it as a confirmation for verifying whether or not the Epix Traders signals are correct. The main rule is if the Stochastic crosses the resistance line, the price drops. If the Stochastic crosses the support line, the asset price rises.

Although I only traded two currency pairs, the Epix Trader app signals were accurate, granting a big profit of $227.00. If you want to follow this strategy, dont forget to practice first with a demo or paper trade until you're ready to invest your own funds.

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