Etherum Price Charts 2017.06.09

Welcome to the Money Charts Channel. Thank you for all the support through comments, likes, sharing the videos and sending cryptos as gifts. Thank you, always appreciated

Below is MY VIEW of each market with my wallet address for each. Thank you for all gifts. This is my view of the markets and use this for research as you find fit as you are (or should be) In control of your own portfolio.



I Look at bitcoin as the gold in precious metals. Its the common one every one knows, but I have to think it will get over ruled by several alt coins over the next many weeks? and months with Etherum being the next in line. BTC should keep a great bull market into 2018 and beyond. Very high transfer fees will need to be dropped for bitcoin to be able to handle upward pressures. It is getting very expensive to transfer bitcoin now as at Late May/2017 and I would expect this to get fixed in time.

Etherum (ETH)


This is the silver in that its not as popular as bitcoin(gold) but should have tremendous gains. I like this for safety compared to many other alt coins. It would not surprise me if ETH outgains BTC by 2-5x higher in the future. Sending Ethers is not cheap either and there can be restrictions to amounts sent to exchanges.

Etherum Classic (ETC)


0.1 Minimum

There is a minimum fee to have sent to almost every exchange. The fees are better in most spots than ETH are. My prediction is ETH will over perform ETC and ETC will over perform bitcoin. Any alt coins using an Ether technology Is worth looking at.

Litecoin (LTC)


I'm looking for a good move from them, as this code creates extreme volatility but am only looking for a rally that makes nice new all time highs before selling almost all of it. Fundamentals scare me, but the current technicals are in line for great profits if traded correctly.

XtraBytes (XBY)


I think this one has great potential to hold and trade well over 1000 satoshi's in the near future with prospects off massive gains if the technology is as good as it sounds.